About Charly

Hello and Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Charles Ngansop. My mom started calling me Charly since I began walking, and I continue to go by her beloved nickname.

I was born and raised in Cameroon in 1964.My parents are originally from the same country, from a village called Bandrefam in the western Region known as Bamileke community or Grassfieldland. Most people call us “The Jewish of Cameroon”, but I don’t know why.

After teaching Electrical Engineering for over a decade in High school, I moved to the US 2002. I worked a few jobs here and there to support myself and my family that I left behind when I made a decision to own my own business. That’s why, in 2006, I jumped into real estate as a Realtor and started a small Pack and Ship store in Wheaton, MD simultaneously. But it didn’t take me long to realize how fascinating Real estate can be. I quickly shut down the pack and ship store to have my full attention in Real estate. But I didn’t know that the year ahead would be the year of disaster in the housing market. We all remember what happened in the economy 2007.Foreclosures were everywhere in the country. I almost lost my home. Instead of falling into a desperation dictated by the current situation, instead of letting the current situation defining my future, I decided to seek opportunity in the storm. I quickly learned how to save my house from repossession .Then I turned around using the same techniques to assist distressed home owners to keep their homes as well or to get them sold and move on with their lives in Dignity. This became my passion and the purpose of me being in the business till today.

As I started gaining popularity in my sphere of influence, a new breed of buyers approached me: Local Investors and Retail home buyers .The first were looking to make nice return on their money while the second wanted nice properties, completely renovated, at a bargain price. That’s why, in 2010 I decided to start and run a family owned and operated Investment Company called Blueland properties LLC, specialized in Acquisition, Rehabilitation and renting of single family houses in the Washington DC metro area where I reside.

Today, the US market as recovered. The housing crash is behind us. The economy is showing strength. More international investors are purchasing investment properties. For this reason, we have expanded our business model to serve the international investor community.